from scratch ideas in the Hunger Games

I just finished the Hunger Games book… I couldn’t put it down once I started (literally!!). I’ve always considered myself a slow reader, and it took me only 14hours to read (not too long really). I was in suspense the whole time, and completely immersed in the plot and characters. I thought Suzanne Collins did an excellent job of presenting just enough information to give you a good idea of what was going on in the plot, while letting your imagination fill in the other details.

The movie is out now, but I haven’t seen it yet… hopefully soon! I’m wondering how they have condensed such an action-packed book into a movie!

The book is filled with things made from scratch (in District 12 and in the Games), and I was really excited about this aspect of the story. Everything from herbal remedies, meals and clothes, to weapons and shelters are made with things on-hand or gathered from nature. The main city in Panem, the Capitol, is a stark contrast to the from-scratch lifestyle, where everything is ‘perfectly’ made for you without you ever seeing the process, raw pieces, or dealing with the makers. It reminds me of “our” modern lifestyle, with everything pre-made… and also reminds me of why I love making things myself or buying from those who make hand-made items.

I highly recommend this book. If you’ve read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


3 thoughts on “from scratch ideas in the Hunger Games

  1. I love the books as well. I think Suzanne did a great job. Even though I was a little bit disappointed with the second book, but got excited again for the third one :) I couldn`t put the books down too. I am so into the books and my friends knew it and got me the mocking jay pin, can`t be any happier :) Let me know what do you think after you watch the movie.

    • Glad you enjoyed them too! I saw the movie soon after reading the books (all books were read in 1 week back to back ;). I thought it was good, but not as good as the books. The acting was fantastic and the costumes were great, though I felt other things could have been better. There were some themes and ideas they could have conveyed more strongly in the movie, such as the disperity in the districts compared to the Capitol (including more of Rue’s background would have helped this), and also the real struggle to survive in the games. Also, the suspense and empathy I felt for characters / situations seemed much more strongly provoked in the books. But, I went with some other people who had read the books a few years ago, and they really enjoyed the movie so I guess it depends on how fresh that awesome book is in your mind! It’s certainly worth seeing on the big screen if you have the chance : ) Have you seen the it yet?

      • Yes I have. I went to the premiere and waited in the cold lol. The tickets were so hard to get here in San Francisco that I had to go to another city to watch. I know what you`re saying, I wish her relationship with Rue could have been established more, because in the movie it didn`t seem they had a great bond for Katniss to cry like that when Rue died. I was disappointed that Madge wasn`t in the movie as well. But it`s bound to happen that they couldn`t include every little detail to the movie :) I was pretty happy when I walked out. Hehe..

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