I’ve always been interested in learning about how things work and are made. For me there is a great delight in making things myself. I get the most satisfaction when I’m spending my free time working on things which don’t cost a lot of money, will enhance my home or work life, and often will make things easier when times are hectic.

I don’t have a favourite anything! No favourite colour, movie, book, season, food, etc. There is so much to enjoy in life – I figure, why limit myself? As a result, I can learn about something new with as much focus and ambition as if it is to become a life-long pursuit. I’d like to be moderately skilled in several areas: cooking, gardening, textiles, organization, cleaning, building and design, to name a few!

I also love to share ideas and to learn from others. I hope that through this blog I can inspire others to be creative, inventive, and handy around their homes, and in-turn that I can learn from their thoughts and experiences.

~ Leena


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    • Thank you very much Tracee!
      I appreciate the nod, and have enjoyed checking out the other blogs you featured / nominated. Will be passing the award along in a number of weeks. Thanks again! :)

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