My first blog post… ever.

I must admit that I feel a bit nervous and excited to write this post. It’s my first blog entry ever. In fact, I’m not even sure how my blog works yet. Can anyone view this, or would they have to be given the link to my blog? Perhaps I should have looked into the available wordpress tutorials first…

I never thought that I would have a blog actually. Nothing wrong with one, just didn’t think that was “me”. But recently I noticed 2 friends that had blogs: one has a travel blog, the other has a blog/website as a yoga teacher. I checked-out wordpress and something clicked… I should try blogging. Something like 406,000 people were blogging on wordpress alone already!

So, what thoughts and other information do I want to share with the world? My interests are so varied that I don’t feel I have a favourite of anything. No favourite movie, song, colour, food, article of clothing, hobby, place… you get the picture. But the common thread running through most of my activities, interests, and ventures is the desire to learn how to make things from scratch. The degree to which the materials are fresh or unprocessed to start with will likely vary, but for the most part I’d like to share know-how and experiences about do-it-yourself, make-it-yourself items around the home.

I currently am a grad student, on a budget, in a lovely little apartment. Some days, (o.k., MOST days), I find myself dreaming of my future home and all the wonderful things I can make for it and my loved ones. In the meantime I plan to have this blog as a collection of my ideas and findings… an outlet for my whimsical thought. I hope to gain new skills, the perspective of others on these topics, and perhaps provide perspective on those projects which I can try at this point for myself.

Well, here it goes. I’m pressing “Publish”, sending this little blog post into the unknown… the anticipation!