ginger garlic tea to help keep colds at bay

We’re now into March and while the cold and flu season should be almost over in Northern climates, it’s unfortunately not over just yet! I recently picked-up what seemed to be a really nasty cold for most people, but I think I’m managing to hold it at bay – it’s only mildly affecting me.

Usually I am the one who is the most down and out from a cold or flu, so why is this time different? Well, I immediately took lots of rest as soon as I felt it coming-on, but I also took vitamins, and made a LOT of this tea recipe I’m going to share with you. I made much more than I normally do, and I think it’s helping to fight this nasty cold!

Hopefully the name hasn’t thrown you off: ginger garlic tea. On it’s own the flavour might be too overwhelming, but I sweeten it with a big spoonful of honey, making it almost delightful!

  • In a small saucepan, heat 1 cup of water until boiling
  • add 1/2 tbsp finely chopped ginger, and 1 tbsp (2 cloves) finely chopped garlic
  • boil gently for 30 seconds more and then remove from heat
  • At this point you have 3 options:
    • [option 1: let everything steep, covered for 1-2 minutes]
    • [option 2: add 2 pinches of loose green tea, or a bag of green tea, if you don’t need to sleep right away; let steep for 1-2 minutes]
    • [option 3: add a bag of echinacea tea for extra cold fighting ability; let steep for time recommended on bag]
  • strain through a fine mesh strainer (or cheese cloth) into a mug
  • add a heaping teaspoon or tablespoon (to your liking) of honey
  • add a squirt of lemon juice (also optional)
  • give a good stir
  • enjoy!

I find that the honey and lemon are really good to sooth a sore throat. Garlic and ginger have natural properties that help fight colds. Garlic is said to be anti-biotic and anti-viral. Ginger is anti-inflammatory, helps reduce fevers, and encourages sleep.

So, why pay for expensive “cold remedy” teas, when you can likely make one that’s more effective (fresh ingredients!) on your own for much less money. If you don’t have one of the ingredients above I encourage you to make the tea with what you do have. Even just drinking lots of hot water is really good for fighting a cold! I wish you good health for the end of this cold season…we’re almost there!