Learning to knit, and why I knit

I recently saw a ‘learn to knit’ collection of knit patterns – The Simple Collection – designed by Tin Can Knits. It includes 8 patterns and free tutorials designed to teach you to knit.  What a fantastic idea! (And these knitted items look great too). I’ve been knitting for a few years now, and am a bit beyond learning the basics, but I love the style of the pullover pattern that is due to be released this September so I think I might knit one up for my nephew.

What I love most about knitting is the relaxing rhythm that you get into with the needles, the feel of the soft yarn in your fingers, and the satisfaction of time spent creating something to be used. Knitting also is very flexible with such a variety of projects from small to large, simple to complex, and an endless selection of fibers and colours to work with.

Oddly enough, when I learned the basics of knitting as I child, it didn’t make a lot of sense to me. After learning to crochet in my early 20’s I went back to knitting and suddenly understood what was happening with the various stitches and the yarn to make the fabric! If you have never understood knitting but would like to, perhaps learning the basic single or double chain in crochet might actually help!

If you’re starting to knit and have the basics learned, I have another suggestion: I’d recommend trying to knitting “continental style” instead of (or perhaps after learning) “British”. My mom taught me British, which is a great and easy way to learn but my tension was always off, resulting in unevenly knitted pieces. I also found I could knit a lot faster with continental style. It feels a bit awkward at first but the transition is well worth it! (in my opinion anyway ;)

~ Leena