Soft grass and fresh spring air: a few photos to share


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I’ve been a bit absent in writing on this blog, and I feel it’s about time I posted something new! These past months I’ve been very busy working toward finishing my Masters, but I’ve managed to get some fresh air … Continue reading

a drawer for spice

The first project I thought I’d share is a rather easy one – storing and organizing your spices. Ah spice! If variety is the spice of life, then what happens when you have a large variety of spice? Oh the possibilities of wonderful flavours and aromas!

I grew-up without being exposed to many spices. I imagine this is the case for many people, and I would say that’s unfortunate, except that I feel I have an enhanced appreciation for spice now – I don’t take it’s amazing abilities for granted. So, how can you get from there to here? Continue reading